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Paul Lambert

For Coquitlam City Council

Why is Paul running for City Council?

Thank you to everyone who voted!

Dear Neighbours,


Thank you to each resident who voted this election.  Your support and trust are things I will never take for granted, and I will always work hard to earn both.


Unfortunately, we did not get the result we wanted and I'm sure you are disappointed, just as I am.  What was also disappointing and surprising was how few residents voted in this election.  Despite Coquitlam experiencing unprecedented change and facing real challenges, our voter turnout decreased significantly.  In 2018, our voter turnout was 26% (which was already very low), and now in 2022 our voter turnout has decreased even further to just 20%.  That means only 1 in 5 eligible Coquitlam voters cast a ballot this election.  For context, voter turnout in Coquitlam for recent Provincial and Federal elections, has been around 60%.


On the positive side, our campaign still had a very solid result.  We finished 10th out of a large field of 22 candidates and received 6,303 votes.  While we did not finish in the top 8 to be part of the current Council, I know our campaign raised awareness about many important issues and gave a voice to thousands of residents across Coquitlam.


I would like you to know that I am planning to run for City Council again 4 years from now and I am very optimistic that our campaign will be successful at that time.  In the meantime, I will continue to volunteer in our community, work on important issues and causes in our city, and always advocate for residents.


On that note, my first focus is going to be working on the issue of voter turnout and proposing solutions to make a difference in this area.  I am asking all of my supporters to please pass along any insights or ideas you have regarding voter turnout in Coquitlam.  Specifically, if you have any thoughts on why voter turnout decreased this election, or how we can increase it in the future, please send me an email or give me a call.  I believe there is lots we can do to improve voter turnout for the 2026 election and I look forward to hearing your insights and ideas on this important issue.


Over the next 4 years, I hope we run into each other out in the community - maybe at a park, a grocery store or at an event. We are fortunate to live in Coquitlam and I look forward to enjoying living in our community, and continuing to care for and improve our city together.  If there is ever an issue that is important to you in the city or in your neighbourhood, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  For me, representing and helping residents is not limited to election season.  I am always here to support you, share my knowledge and experience, provide tools and resources, and advocate for you and your neighbours.


My most sincere thank you for your support this election.




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Contact Paul

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Paul Lambert

Candidate for Coquitlam City Council


I'm so glad you want to get in touch and I'm excited to speak about any concerns you have and what issues are important to you.  You can either send me an email or call me anytime.  Talk soon!

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