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Paul Lambert

For Coquitlam City Council

Why is Paul running for City Council?

Why is Paul running for City Council?

Do you ever feel that Coquitlam is growing too much and too quickly?  This is the #1 concern I hear from residents.  I'm running for City Council to give residents the choice to slow down to a moderate level of growth.

Slowing Down To A Moderate Level Of Growth

For the past 4 years Coquitlam has experienced an unprecedented level of development and growth.  I have spoken with residents across Coquitlam and many are concerned about the effect this is having on our city.  They are concerned about the strain being put on our roads, parks, schools, healthcare system and local environment.  It should be up to Coquitlam residents to decide how much and how quickly our city grows.  As a result I believe we need to listen to residents and slow down to a moderate level of development and growth.

Building Housing That Benefits Coquitlam Residents

Slowing down doesn't mean failing to address housing affordability.  It means building housing that actually meets the needs of Coquitlam residents.  That means more 3 bedroom units and townhouses for families, more affordable units for first time buyers and seniors, and more dedicated rental units to take the pressure off the cost of rent.


Also, I propose that all new housing built in Coquitlam should have a pre-sale period for current Coquitlam residents first.  That way residents have the first opportunity to buy or rent new housing built in our city.  This is completely legal and has already been done in cities like West Vancouver.

Increasing Transparency At City Hall

Did you know that developers are still the #1 source of donations in Coquitlam politics?  In 2017, the Provincial Government made it illegal for development companies to donate to city politicians.  Unfortunately those developers, as well as their family members and executives, have shifted to making donations as individuals.  So in reality, nothing has changed.  I pledge to not accept donations from developers and work to increase transparency at City Hall.

Investing In Parks, Sports and Recreation

We are fortunate in Coquitlam to have truly amazing parks, as well as fantastic sports and recreation opportunities.  The City has made great investments and upgrades in these areas but I believe we can make this aspect of our city even better.  We need to continue to provide more facilities for field sports, as well as arena and indoor sports.  We also need to provide more facilities for emerging sports like pickleball, but without taking facilities away from our tennis community.  I also believe we need to significantly expand our bike paths, as well as walking and hiking trails throughout our city.

Prioritizing Our Environment

Being surrounded by nature and green spaces is one of the best things about calling Coquitlam home.  We need to make sure our environment is at the top of the priority list at City Hall.  Did you know we are at risk of failing to meet our greenhouse gas reduction targets because of the current pace of growth?  Growth is not the only consideration though.  We need to invest in more green infrastructure like electric car chargers.  We must also protect our local environment, including our streams and watershed, as well as our tree canopy throughout Coquitlam.

Careful City Spending

Did you notice that your City Utility bill went up drastically this year?  Even more concerning is the city's most recent property tax report that is forecasting a 5% increase in taxes every year for the next decade.  That would mean in 10 years your property taxes would be 63% more than they are today - and with inflation, these increases could be even worse.  I will work hard to scrutinize city spending to make sure property taxes are affordable for Coquitlam households.

About Paul

​I've been a resident of Coquitlam for over 20 years and I'm proud to call Coquitlam home.  I grew up here and now my wife and I are raising our family here.  I have a degree in Economics and Political Science from Simon Fraser University and work as a Small Business Consultant based in the Tri-Cities.  In my work I help entrepreneurs start new businesses, and help established businesses meet challenges and grow.  I believe in giving back to our community and I'm excited about the opportunity to serve on City Council.

Paul's Service In Our Community

  • For the past 4 years Paul has served on the Sports and Recreation Advisory Committee for the City of Coquitlam.

  • For the past 2 years Paul has served on the Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable.

  • Paul is a member of the Tri-City Green Council, an environmental stewardship group.

  • He is also a founding member of the group PCUF (Protect Coquitlam's Urban Forest).

  • Prior to that, he volunteered with the Canucks for Kids Fund for 10 years.

  • He has volunteered as a coach for high school basketball and middle school rugby in Coquitlam.

  • Paul is active in the arts and music community as well.  He has taught music lessons and currently plays in two community bands.

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Paul Lambert

Candidate for Coquitlam City Council


I'm so glad you want to get in touch and I'm excited to speak about any concerns you have and what issues are important to you.  You can either send me an email or call me anytime.  Talk soon!

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