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I am a long term resident of Coquitlam and am proud to call Coquitlam my home.  I grew up here, I work here, and now I have decided to raise a family here.  I am passionate about our city and the people that make up our community.  As a result, I am very concerned about the current issues and pressures our city faces.

My hope is that on City Council I can meaningly contribute to keeping our city a great place to live now, and in the future.

About Paul

Paul is a Business and Investment Consultant based in the Tri-Cities.

As a consultant, Paul specializes with mostly Small Business clients.

He has a Degree in Economics and Political Science from Simon Fraser University.

Paul has volunteered as a coach for both middle school Rugby and high school basketball in Coquitlam.

He has also volunteered with the Canucks for Kids Fund for many years.

Paul is active in the arts and music community in Coquitlam as well, and has taught music lessons and played in several community bands.

Paul and his wife Jackie live in Southwest Coquitlam near Como Lake Park.

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Paul Lambert

Candidate for Coquitlam City Council


I'm so glad you want to get in touch and I'm excited to speak about any concerns you have and what issues are important to you.  You can either send me an email or call me anytime.  My contact information is just to the right.  Talk soon!